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Foley Walker’s work made my short film better almost overnight. They delivered a high quality mix quickly and with great attention to detail. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Joshua Starnes , Director , PurpleFlyProductions (USA)
I was extremely pleased with Foley Walkers services and the work performed. They did an excellent job and I wouldn’t hesitate in using them again.
Jean Turner, Operations Manager, Pinewood Sound (Canada)
Foley Walkers is made with people that care about what they are doing. They care not only about the obvious, but most of all, they care about the quality and creativity of the sound, they produce. I would recommend them again.
Tiago Matos, Dubbing mixer and sound designer, Walla Collective (Portugal)
Working with Foley Walkers has proved crucial in delivering great-sounding film mixes to clients. They are extremely creative and technically sound performers and engineers who fully embrace and understand the art form. Just as important, the communication and project management flows smoothly throughout the project — bringing virtual collaboration to a very high level. I look forward to having them on my next film.
Paul Hollman, Re-recording Mixer, The Dub Room Studiо ( USA)
I was very surprised with the quality and professionalism of the stuff at the «Foley Walkers». The result was very tasteful and precise foley track with required sense of distance and depth. Their work mixes wonderful in a complex film session with lots of other design elements and various backgrounds. Not the least, they can match the production sound flawlessly! Will be happy to work with Foley Walkers again.
Michael Goorevich, Sound Designer / Re-Recording, Sound Mixer ( Israel)
The foley effects were excellent! Thanks for the good work and I will certainly use your services in the future.
Robert M. Neilson , Cinematogeapher/Producer (USA)
The foleywalkers studio team is comprised of a professional sound FX designers team. Thanks to their efficient and precised work, my film was granted with an amazing sound FX layers. The team has responded withing such a quick notice. It’s a pleasure to work with them, and I would surely work with them on my future projects.
Amit Ruderman ,Director, UNDERGROUND (Israel)
The team at Foley Walkers is fantastic to work with. They will do whatever it takes to make sure that their work is exactly right for your project. They deliver a high quality product very quickly, their communication is fast and excellent, and they make the whole process as smooth as possible. I will work with them again!
Chuck Russom ,Sound Designer (USA)
The crew at FoleyWalkers not only completed their work on a very tight schedule, but also took special attention to follow up with specific request and great detail. The quality of the recording was top notch and worked superbly in our mix. Thank you FoleyWalkers!
Pino Halili , Supervising Sound Editor, Post City Sound (Canada)
The Foley Walkers team delivered high quality audio on short notice. The files were very well organised so it was easy for us to just drop them into our session. They delivered everything we asked for plus bonus takes. Communicating with them was easy and all our questions were answered quickly. We will definitely work with them again. Having an external Foley team we can trust really makes it easier for a small operation like our studio to take on bigger projects in the future.
Thomas Alf Holmemo, Sound Designer, Plosiv (Norway)
It is a pleasure to work with Foley Walkers, their work is undoubtly a true production value when you need to deliver top quality sound to clients. Their foley work is as much detailed and solid as possible. This is very important especially when you’re dealing with tight deadlines and don’t want to compromise the final product quality. We will continue to colaborate in the near future.
Pedro Gois, Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, Kino Sound Studio (Portugal)
When I supervise Audio on Indy films, sometimes I don’t have time to do the foley myself. When I pass that job off, I expect it to be performed with same care and detail that I put into it. Foley Walkers exceeds my expectations. I know when I get the tracks back they will sit great in the mix there won’t be any holes. The end result: my client is happy and so am I. Thank you Foley Walkers.
James Smithson, Sound Designer (VA, USA)
It’s always a pleasure to work with FoleyWalkers. Every step of the process, from communication to final delivery, is very smooth. They produce high quality work, even on tight schedules - be it big, complex sequences as well as very subtle scenes, everything is handled with great attention to detail. Being able to deal with picture changes without any problems is another big plus.
Manu Gerber , Supervising Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer, Tonschliff (Switzerland)
The Foley Walkers are fast and precise and it’s always a pleasure receiving their tracks. Even though we work across continents, their professionalism and attention to detail make it a pain free process. I wouldn’t hesitate using them again.
Tingli Lim, Director of Sound, Mocha Chai Laboratories (Singapore)
Foley Walkers do incredible work! I am so pleased with the foley in terms of sync, realism and perspective. The team is easy to communicate with and the files arrive on time and our budgets are met! Highly recommended.
Scott Hirsch, Owner / Chief engineer , Echo Magic West Post Production (CA)
"Baroness Von Sketch Show" had a great experience working with Foley Walkers. They are efficient, friendly and affordable. In addition to this they provided great options for our audio mixer. I’d certainly work with them again.
Stephanie Fast , Frantic Films (Canada)
The attention to detail and their understanding of the craft makes Foley Walkers a valuable resource for professional results. They deliver great material, even within tight schedules. I can only recommend their services.
Martin Stäheli, Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer, Mastasound (Switzerland)
Foley Walkers are clearly passionate about their craft. Their foley was exactly what I needed, subtle and sophisticated. It has a great sensitivity and feels broad yet realistic. It's really added a new dimension to the film. Great to work with and I will be using them again for sure.
Tom Joyce, Sound Designer, Sound Canvas (Great Britain)

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